Table Rentals in San Fernando Valley, CA

Table Rentals

We offer event tables for rent in Sylmar, CA. So if you are looking for an event table rental, give Bonner’s Party Rentals a call today.

We offer the following tables to accommodate every size of party/event:

• 48’’ Round Seats 5-6 ($9.00)
• 60’’ Round Seats 7-8 ($12.00)
• 72’’ Round Seats 9-10 ($16.00)
• 4×24 Rectangular ($8.00)
• 18×6 Rectangular ($9.00)
• 6’ Long Seats 6 ($9.00)
• 8’ Long Seats 8 ($10.00)
• 24’ Bistro & Cocktail Table ($10.00)
• 36’’ Cocktail & Bistro Table ($10.00)
• Child’s Table ($9.00)

Renting the right tables for your event can really make your event shine bright! The right tables will dress up any venue.

It is wise to choose a table that meshes well with the type of event you are having. Choosing the right combination of furniture means you won’t hardly have to decorate anything else!

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Deciding on Count

Once you’ve made the decision to rent tables with Bonner’s Party Rentals, you’ll need to determine how many you will need.

Use these factors to help you decide:

Expected Crowd Size

One of the most important factors to help you determine how many tables to rent is the expected size of your crowd.
You will want to ensure that everyone has a table to sit at. It is also wise to plan for some extra tables just in case more people show up.

Planned Seating Style

Tables can be arranged in a variety of different ways. This is typically based on the angle and shape of the table.
If you already have a particular table shape in mind, you can make the number of tables needed very specific. From this point on, you’ll easily be able to figure out how many chairs you’ll need to rent.

Tent Size

If you are going to be using a variety of tents for your event, you need to ensure that the right number and size of tables will correctly fit under them. This helps ensure you can safely accommodate all the guests expected to attend.
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Contact Bonner’s Party Rentals Today!

If you are ready to put your request in for table rentals, give us a call today! We are confident that we’ll be able to accommodate your request no matter the size of your event.