Chair Rentals in San Fernando Valley, CA

If you are looking for rental chairs for events in Sylmar, CA, give Bonner’s Party Rental a call today. We’re the premier party & event equipment rental company in San Fernando Valley offering the perfect event chair rental service for your needs.

The Rental Chairs We Have
We offer the following chairs for rent:

• Samsonite/White ($2.00)
• Resin Padded/White ($3.50)
• Children’s Chair ($1.00)
• Fruitwood Padded ($4.00)
• Bar Stool with Back ($9.00)
Party & Event Equipment Rentals

Why Rent Chairs for Your Event

Planning a meeting, party, or other big event means that you will have a lot to take into consideration, including the number of chairs you will need to accommodate your guests.
While chairs may seem like something minor, they are actually a big deal!

Creating an Organized Traffic Flow

You can use your chairs to create different arrangements for seating to enable your guests to sit in different spots in your venue. This allows for proper traffic flow, helps keep your event organized, and gives your guests with more space to walk around naturally.

Ensure Guests Remain Comfortable

You want your guests to be comfortable and have a great time throughout the entire event.
Whether your event lasts 1 hour or 5 hours, it is critical to ensure guests have a comfortable place to sit down and relax. Seating provides yet another way to make sure that your guests are at ease.

Chair Rentals Save You Money

No one has 200 chairs just sitting in their garage or attic waiting to be used; they take up too much space!
You could end up saving yourself a ton of money on chairs if you choose to rent them with us here at Bonner’s Party Rental!

Chairs Enhance the Overall Feel of any Event

The right type of chair can easily enhance the vibe of any party or event. If you attend an event without tables or chairs, it will leave you feeling stiff.
The right type of seating allows your event to be intimate and casual. But most of all, it allows your guests to feel relaxed.

No Maintenance

When you rent chairs through Bonner’s Party Rental, you can feel great knowing that you won’t have any maintenance to take care of. Pulling out your own chairs means you have to constantly wipe them and clean them after each use.
Renting chairs from us helps to alleviate another headache for you!
Contact us today, and we will take care of all the details for your event.