Party Rentals

4′ x 24″8.25View Image
18″ x 6′ Rectangular11.95
6′ Long Seats 68.45View Image
8′ Long Seats 88.75View Image
Child’s Table 6′ Seats 68.35View Image
36″ Round Seats 48.15
48″ Round Seats 6-78.25View Image
60″ Round Seats 8-99.35View Image
72″ Round Seats 10-1114.85View Image
Standing Cocktail 42″ High
24″ Round8.60View Image
36″ Round8.95View Image
24″ Bistro8.00

Vintage Dresser65.00View Image
Vintage Table White45.00View Image
Antique Table Brown35.00View Image
Vintage Side Table30.00View Image
Vintage Side Table30.00View Image
Vintage Couch195.00View Image
Wood Love Seat40.00View Image
Wine Barrel35.00View Image
Ranch Table50.00View Image
Wood Ranch Archway150.00View Image
Wine Barrel Bar130.00View Image
Vintage Trunks15.00View Image
Large Picture Frame15.00
Small Picture Frame5.00
Wood card box15.00
Card birdcage15.00
Fruit Crate15.00
Chalk Board10.00
Ranch Picnic Bench22.00View Image

Samsonite/ White1.10View Image
Resin Padded/ White1.99View Image
Children’s Chair1.25View Image
Bar Stool8.00 
Bar Stool With Back9.00View Image
Fruitwood Padded2.99View Image

Click Here to View Linen Colors
72″ Round Solid Color8.95
90″ Round Solid Color9.50
108″ Round Solid Color12.25
120″ Round Solid Color 15.10
130″ Round Solid Color21.95
132″ Round Solid Color21.95
8′ Rectangular Solid Color9.05
10′ Rectangular Solid Color10.25
4′ Drape Floor Length14.55
6′ Drape Floor Length17.85
8′ Drape Floor Length19.40
Napkins Solid Color.65
Table Runner 10′5.95
54″ Square8.32
72″ Square9.64
90″ Square10.75
8′ Banquet9.25
10′ Banquet$10.50
12′ Banquet14.48
Chair cover and sash(please call)View Image
Skirting 13.6’24.00View Image
Skirting 10.6’19.00View Image
25’ aisle runner37.00View Image
50’ aisle runner51.00View Image
75’ aisle runner67.00View Image
100’ aisle runner79.00View Image

Click Here to View White China
10 ½” dinner plate.44View Image
7 ½ dessert/salad plate.44View Image
10 ½” Square Dinner1.25View Image
7 ½” Square Dessert/salad1.00View Image
Soup bowl.55View Image
Coffee mug.45View Image
Tea Cup.40View Image
Saucer.30View Image

Wine Glass 8oz0.45View Image
Wine Glass 11oz0.55View Image
Wine Glass 14oz0.55View Image
Water Goblet 10oz0.48View Image
Water Goblet 16oz0.55View Image
Tumbler 8oz0.45View Image
Tumbler 12oz0.55View Image
Hi Ball 9oz0.50View Image
Irish Coffee0.70View Image
Martini 17oz0.98View Image
12oz Pilsner Glass0.50View Image
Margarita 17oz0.98View Image
Champagne Flute 6oz0.89View Image
Beer Mug0.60View Image

TeaSpoon0.40View Image
Salad/Dessert Fork0.40View Image
Dinner Fork0.40View Image
Dinner Knife0.40View Image
Soup Spoon0.40View Image
Steak Knife0.45View Image
Serving Pieces
Serving Spoon3.00 
Serving Fork3.00 
Tongs 15″2.25 
Tongs 9″1.75 

Chillin Table25.00View Image
50 Cup Stainless Urn30.00View Image
100 Cup Stainless Urn39.00View Image
Coffee maker black trim 42 cups19.80View Image
Coffee maker black trim 100 Cup24.20View Image
Water Pitcher Silver9.95 
Water Pitcher Acrylic4.25 
Wine Bucket with Stand15.50View Image
Punch Bowl 3 Gallon with Ladle11.00View Image
Fountain60.50View Image
1.2 Liter Hot Beverage Server5.50 
Cold Beverage Dispenser 3 Gallon13.00View Image
Cold/Hot Beverage Dispenser 5 Gallon16.00View Image
Beverage Tub3.95 
155 Quart Ice Chest22.00 

8 Quart Chaffer Dish Stainless23.00View Image
8 Quart Oblong Roll Top35.00View Image
15″ Silver Serving Trays5.95View Image
16″ Busing Tray4.95
Waiters Tray7.75View Image
Tray Stand7.75View Image
Bus Pans4.95
Food Transporters41.80View Image
Sheet Pans4.00
Trash Can 33 Gallon with Liner8.75
Serving Bowl Pebble Acrylilc 15″5.00
Serving Bowl Pebble Acrylilc 24″7.00
Tiered Dessert Trays 315.00View Image
Salt and Pepper2.50
Scullery Table95.00
Convection oven/propane385.00
6 burner stove/oven195.00
Prep Table19.15View Image
3 Compartment Sink300.00View Image

Margarita Machine150.00View Image
Hot Dog Machine55.00View Image
Cotton Candy Machine55.00View Image
Popcorn Machine55.00View Image
Snow Cone Machine55.00View Image


6′ Charcoal Grill55.00View Image
6′ Propane Grill105.00View Image
9′ Umbrella17.00View Image
Umbrella Heater88.00View Image

Wood Podium25.00View Image
Archway White80.00View Image
Wood Archway150.00View Image

10×1055.00View Image
10×20125.00View Image
20×20300.00View Image
15×30300.00View Image
Call for more sizes and pricing

4 1/2 Rolling Bar55.00View Image
5 1/2 Rolling Bar95.00View Image
8′ Tiered Bar60.50View Image
Wine Barrel Bar130.00View Image
Half Moon Bar$60.50View Image
Wood Slatted Bar$95.00View Image
Beer Dispenser Bar$350.00View Image

3 Panel Screen25.00
Stanchion Chrome18.00
Garment Rack25.00
PA System65.00

50′ Market75.00View Image
100′ Market149.00View Image
Small Chandelier40.00View Image
Large Chandelier85.00View Image
London Light$49.50View Image

Please call for pricing.